Divorces and Paternity Actions (without Parenting Plan)

Document preparation for a divorce or paternity action. A paternity action is like a divorce but for separating parents who were never married. If you need to disestablish paternity use this price point/ payment feature as well.


Divorce and Paternity Actions (with Parenting Plan)

There are three types of Parenting Plans: Regular Parenting Plan, Long Distance/ Relocation Parenting Plan, and Safety Focused Parenting Plan.


                                               Parenting Plan ONLY


Modifications to Existing Family Court Orders



Family Adoption

Document Preparation for a Stepparent, Grandparent, or other Family Adoption. 

Petition for Temporary or Concurrent Custody of a Minor Child

This petition is designed for an extended family member to have custody of a minor child either temporarily or concurrently along with the custodial parent. 


Answers ~ Motions for Contempt ~ Miscellaneous Forms as Quoted 

Document preparation for family law answers such as Answers to Dissolution of Marriage; Answer to Supplemental Petitions; Answer to Complaint for Child Support; Motion for Contempt/ Enforcement. 


                                    Single Complex Family Law Forms

Complex single documents include Marital Settlement Agreements, Financial Affidavits, and Child Support Guidelines Worksheets.


Rush Charges 

Our usual turn around time from intake to delivery is 7-10 days. We try to accommodate our customers as much as we can. If you have a specific deadline that is less than 7 days, you may need to pay for rush charges in addition to the regular document preparation fee. Sometimes, we can waive the rush charge. If we can, we'll do so by sending you an email that specifically states that we are waiving your rush charge. If we must charge a rush charge we'll let you know prior to your submitting payment.