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We prepare documents for civil court, including Small Claims, County Court, and Circuit Civil. We also prepare documents to help you form a new Limited Liability Company (LLC). As a nonlawyer document preparation company, we do not provide legal advice or representation. But we do prepare documents, explain court procedure, and provide you with legal information. We collect the information we need to prepare your documents in writing. We'll send you a questionnaire or list of questions after you submit payment.
Quit Claim Deed

A quit claim deed is often used to transfer real property between family members. We send you a questionnaire to gather your information and use a template to prepare the deed. We'll need all parties' names and addresses, the property address; and the full legal description. 

Our Fee is $99.
Small Claims, County Civil, or Circuit Civil

Small Claims has jurisdiction over civil disputes with damages up to $8000. County Civil has jurisdiction over civil dispute with damages claimed between $8,000 and $30,000. Circuit Civil has jurisdiction over civil disputes with damages claimed over $30,000. Sometimes the proceedings are lengthy and may require far more than the initial documents. For this reason, we charge by the hour to prepare a complaint. Our hourly rate is $85, and we charge a minimum of four hours as initial payment - so $340. Although we try to complete your complaint within four hours, we're not always able to do so. We will ask you to provide information for your complaint in writing. If there are additional documents needed, or if we are unable to complete the initial documents within four hours, we'll let you know as soon as we know. And we'll request additional payment. Any additional payments we request are due before your documents are released. 

By the Hour - Four Hour Minimum - $340.

If you've been sued, you generally have 20 calendar days to respond*. You respond by filing a formal Answer to the complaint in the court record, and sending it to the opposing party. We can prepare and format your Answer. We try to automatically expedite Answers to meet with your 20 day deadline. If your filing deadline is less than 3 days away we may charge a rush charge. 

*If you've been served with a Complaint for Eviction, you only have five business days to answer. To avoid Rush Charges, contact us and submit payment, as soon as you've been served.

Answers - $199. / Rush Charge - Additional $100.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Document Preparation

We prepare documents to form a new LLC. Prior to preparing your documents we conduct a search on the Division of Corporation site, and a google search to find out if any other business is using your proposed business name. If your proposed name is identical to a name already in use, the Division of Corporations will reject your application. And if your name is nearly identical to another business entity, although the Division of Corporations may accept your application, you may want to reconsider your business name. We have seen businesses sued in error only because their business name was similar to another business.


One Hour $100. - Single Procedural Form

We prepare single procedural forms such as a Motion for Continuance; Notice of New Address; and Miscellaneous Affidavits such as Affidavit of Name, and Affidavit of Continuous Marriage. We charge one hour of our time, and will send you a questionnaire to gather your information after you submit payment.