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We prepare a variety of types of documents, including documents for family law, small probate, post-conviction criminal, and civil. We know how difficult it can be for pro se litigants to navigate the court system. We help by preparing documents, explaining procedure, and providing legal information. If we quoted you an hourly rate, click the "I accept" box to enter the payment page.

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Document Preparation Services By the Hour
Four Hour Minimum for New Customers
4 Hours @ $85. = $340.

Sometimes we quote by the hour. Our hourly rate is $85, and for new customers, we require payment for four hours in advance - so $340. When your needs are open ended or uncertain, it is sometimes better for you to pay the hourly rate. We log the time spent on your document project, and will let you know when you are close to exceeding the four hour time block that you purchased. If we prepare documents and our time spent is more than four hours, we will request that you submit payment for our additional time. Your payment must be received before we release your documents. If you were quoted an hourly rate you can go directly to our payment page by checking the box above. Or you can browse the pages on this site, and enter the payment page directly from the services page for your type of document.

E-Filing Assistance - $100 per session

We encourage our customers to e-file their documents themselves. However, some people can't make sense of the process (understandably), so if you're not techie or don't want to be bothered, we will assist. Whether you do it yourself or ask us for assistance, the first step is to open an account at www.myflcourtaccess.com - and confirm through your email. 

Flat Fee for Most Services

For most of our document preparation services, we offer a flat fee so that you'll know from the beginning how much you'll pay. Unless you've been quoted a price for by the hour services, please use the navigation at the top of the page to go to the correct page. And, remember, our fees NEVER include court filing fees, fees for service of process, or any other related fees. When you pay us, you're paying for document preparation services only.

Sometimes We Can't Offer a Flat Fee

Sometimes, you're not sure, and we cannot know exactly which documents you will need. In those instances, we offer payment by the hour. Our pay by the hour services are most often used for documents for civil cases.
Rush Charges 

Our usual turn around time from intake to delivery is 7-10 days. We try to accommodate our customers as much as we can. If you have a specific deadline that is less than 7 days, you need to pay for rush charges in addition to the regular document preparation fee. Occasionally, we can waive the rush charge. If we can, we'll do so by sending you an email that specifically states that we are waiving your rush charge.


 The owner/ operator of this site, Ruth Tick, is FALDP Certified in document preparation for Florida family law documents; probate & estates; post-conviction criminal; and general business.

The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers is the premier trade association for Florida's nonlawyer document preparers. Learn more.

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