County Civil, Circuit Civil, or Family Court

Document Preparation by the Hour - $85 - per Hour - Four Hour Minimum 

We offer flat fees for most types of document preparation. However, when your needs are open ended, we offer an hourly rate. After the four hour block of time is used, if you need additional services, we will request that you submit additional payment when work is completed and before we release your documents.

Small Claims Court handles cases claiming up to $8000. County Civil has jurisdiction over civil dispute with damages claimed between $8,000 and $30,000. Circuit Civil has jurisdiction over civil disputes with damages claimed over $30,000. Sometimes the proceedings are lengthy and may require far more than the initial documents. For this reason, we charge by the hour to prepare a complaint. Our hourly rate is $85, and we charge a minimum of four hours as initial payment - so $340. Although we try to complete your complaint with four hours, we're not always able to do so. If there are additional documents needed, or if we are unable to complete the initial documents within four hours, we'll let you know as soon as we know. And we'll request additional payment. Any additional payments we request are due before your documents are released. 

By the Hour - Four Hour Minimum - $340.

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