Quit Claim Deed

A quit claim deed is often used to transfer real property between family members. 

Our Fee is $99.
Small Claims

Small claims includes civil disputes with money damages up to $5,000.

Our fee is $250.
County Civil or Circuit Civil

County Civil has jurisdiction over civil dispute with damages claimed between $5,000 and $15,000. Circuit Civil has jurisdiction over civil disputes with damages claimed over $15,000. 

By the Hour - Four Hour Minimum - $260.

If you've been sued, you generally have 20 calendar days to respond*. You respond by filing a formal Answer to the complaint in the court record, and sending it to the opposing party. If your filing deadline is less than 3 days away we may charge a rush charge. 

*If you've been served with a Complaint for Eviction, you only have five business days to answer. To avoid Rush Charges, contact us and submit payment, as soon as you've been served.

Answers - $199.
Rush Charge

If your filing deadline is less than 3 days away, we may require a rush charge.

Our fee is $100.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Document Preparation

We prepare documents to form a new LLC. 

Our fee is $99.

One Hour $65. - Single Procedural Form

If you need a single procedural form such as a Motion for Continuance or Notice of New Address, we charge one hour of our time.