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LLC Formation

We prepare documents for your Limited Liability Company. Filing fees are separate. Once you pay for our services on our site, we will email you a questionnaire to gather the information for your LLC. We expect consumers to satisfy themselves that the business name chosen is appropriate and not already in use by another business. 


Answer to Civil Complaint

and Miscellaneous Documents as Quoted

This payment option is appropriate when you have been quoted this rate for an answer to a civil complaint; and the complaint is less than six pages. We include affirmative defenses, if you have any, according to your instructions. Please be sure to write a summary of your instructions, including how you want each paragraph answered when you send us your documents. You can also use this payment feature when you have been quoted $175 - Miscellaneous Documents as Quoted.


By the Hour - 4 Hour Minimum

Our hourly rate is $65. and we require payment for four hours in advance. After the initial payment and delivery of your documents most customers are billed as documents are completed.

Single Procedural Form or Single Motion as Quoted

If you requested and were quoted $65 for a single form or single motion, we can prepare that document. Please note that it may be more advantageous to you to purchase a block of time, using our hourly rate, or the flat rate of $175 as quoted (which appears above). 

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