Five Step Process for Document Preparation:

 Step One: Preliminary telephone conversation to find out more about your needs, and for you to let us know

which documents you need to have prepared.


 Step Two: Pay the fee for document preparation corresponding to the forms/

procedures you have selected.


Step Three: Sign and return the "Disclosure from Nonlawyer" form.


   Step Four: After you have paid we will call you to set up a phone appointment to intake information needed to prepare your documents. If your case or cause is not a family law matter, we will request that you complete a questionnaire, to provide us with the necessary information. 


 Step Five: For family law forms, the interview may last sixty to ninety minutes. Please have

information nearby, such as case numbers; and addresses of all parties.


NOTE: Please make sure that you have read the full Policy and Disclaimer Statements on this site.


We will send your completed documents within 7 to 10 days from the time you provide the facts and information necessary to complete the documents. It is your responsibility to proofread, check facts, make sure the documents are correct, etc. If you find errors, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will make corrections and resend at no additional charge. There is no charge for minor revisions; it is our discretion what revisions we consider "minor". This site, the site owners, or legal document preparers working through this site shall not be held responsible for any mistake, error, or omission in preparing these documents.  

All payments are final. Refunds will be issued at our sole discretion. In general, we will issue a refund if no document preparation work has begun. We consider that document preparation work has begun when we have collected your information from you verbally; or we have sent you a form to collect your information. We may, in our sole discretion, issue a full or partial refund even though your document preparation work has begun. Please read the full disclosure and disclaimer on this site prior to submitting payment.