Suit to Quiet Title

A suit to quiet title is appropriate in some circumstances, and may even be the best way to defend against foreclosure or as a counter claim to an action for foreclosure.

Quiet title is proper when:
a) The statute of limitation (5 years) has run out;
b) The mortgage was defective at inception;
c) The real lien holder is unknown.

We prepare the documents for you under your instructions. We cannot begin to predict outcomes, and expect you - the consumer - to educate yourself. Since we are not attorneys we cannot give you legal advice or go to court with you or on your behalf. However, we can give you information and prepare documents for you.

As part of our service, we will also make our database of case law and sample pleadings available to you. We prepare the initial documents for you; ready to file in court and serve on the other parties.  Additional documents may be required as the case progresses. Additional documents are based on our hourly rate of $60. and prepared as needed.

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