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Divorces and Paternity Actions

Document preparation for a divorce or paternity action. A paternity action is like a divorce but for separating parents who were never married. This price point does not include preparation of a Parenting Plan, if you want our assistance in preparing the Parenting Plan, it is an additional $95. Please use the option below (with Parenting Plan)

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Divorce and Paternity Actions (with Parenting Plan)

Document preparation for divorce or paternity action with a Parenting Plan. There are three types of Parenting Plans: Regular Parenting Plan, Long Distance/ Relocation Parenting Plan, and Safety Focused Parenting Plan.

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 Document Preparation for Modifications

  Modification of Child Visitation, Child Custody, Child Support; Petition to Relocate; or Petition to Modify Alimony.

Supplemental petitions are used when there is an existing court order, and you need to change that order. Among other things, these petitions must be based on substantial change affecting any of the parties. An appropriate Parenting Plan is included with this document package if one is needed.

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 *If you need document preparation for Modification of Child Custody/ Visitation and Child Support at the same time, and you order these document packages prepared at the same time -- the document preparation fee is half again:

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Some of the same forms are used in both of the modifications.

Document Preparation for Florida Family Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions, grandparent adoptions, and adoptions by close relatives are all governed by Florida Statute 63. A close relative is defined as a relative within three degrees of consanguinity (blood relation).

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Document Preparation for Family Law Answers and Miscellaneous Forms as Quoted

Document preparation for family law Answers to dissolution of marriage or supplemental petitions, Motion & Order for default, and Motions for Contempt/Enforcement.

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Document Preparation for Petition for Disestablishment of Paternity

Florida has very specific rules in which an alleged, putative, or legal father can disestablish paternity. A scientific test is usually required.

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  Document Preparation for Petition for Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member

Family members can petition for custody of their relatives children. This process is almost always with the consent of all parties. Frequently an extended family member is already caring for their relative's child and needs a court order to enroll the child in school or authorize medical care.

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