The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers - A New Trade Association

Posted by Ruth Tick on Thursday, June 17, 2010
A newly formed trade association, The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, is dedicated to assisting Florida residents in preparing their legal forms; and providing legal information. The time has come for Americans to take back the legal system, and to preserve their legal rights and freedom. Many people are willing and to handle their own routine legal matters. Reliable legal information and the correct legal forms are fundamental.

Legal information is not the same as legal advice. Legal advice includes a statement, telling someone what they should or should not do -- a normative statement. Providing consumers with legal information empowers them to rely on their own decisions and handle many of their legal matters themselves.

The website for The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers is:

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We provide legal forms and document preparation. When available, we use court approved forms for all Florida family law issues.As legal document preparers we do not provide legal advice, and may only work directly under the supervision of our customers. Education: B.A. - Legal Studies, UCF, 2002 M.S. - Criminal Justice, UCF, 2004 Experience: Over 10 years preparing legal documents in Florida. I primarily prepare documents for family law, debt defense, civil matters, and criminal post-conviction.


www, - The Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers, a growing group of Florida legal document preparers assisting citizens in their pursuit of justice. - P.U.L.S.E. Petition - sign the petition and show your support for the citizens of Fulton County Georgia, and their right to access the legal system.