If you don't know your legal rights ...

Posted by Ruth Tick on Monday, September 7, 2009
... then you don't have legal rights. It isn't always easy to know how to look out for your own best interests. Most of us never learned in school how to navigate the legal system, how to bring an action to court. Many people never need to bring a court action, or defend against a lawsuit. However, many others do. Many people find themselves in a dispute over money or actions with a neighbor, an employer, a contractor, a landlord, or someone else. When communication erodes and you find yourselves at a stalemate, sometimes the only alternative is to take the matter to court -- go talk to the judge.

The first step is to find out, as closely as possible, which side of the dispute is most closely aligned with the governing law. Governing laws may be in state Statutes, local ordinances, case law, or Federal law. Searching the internet is a reasonable first step, but not the only step in educating yourself about the law. You may also need to visit a law library. Law libraries, found in many Florida county courthouses, are generally staffed by helpful law clerks. Here you can find information about your legal issue, legal practice manuals, and case law. The law clerks are often able and willing to explain how to find information.

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