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 Summary Administration of Estate

Document preparation for Summary Administration of Estate or to Re-open a Summary Administration of Estate. Summary Administration of Estate may be appropriate if the estate is valued at less than $75,000.; and there is little or no debt. Once you pay for our services on our site, we will email you a questionnaire to gather the information for your documents. Please note, incomplete information that you provide in your questionnaire may not only slow down the process, but you also may be charged additional document preparation fees. 



Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

Document preparation for Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration may be appropriate if the estate asset is less than $6000 - $12000. Different counties have different ceilings on the amount they consider as appropriate for this process. In general, this process is to reimburse family members for out of pocket monies spent relative to a death. Funeral expenses is the most common reason for reimbursement. If the asset is real estate, this process is not available.



Living Trusts & Estate Planning Documents

Document preparation for Living Trust Documents  -  includes all documents necessary to create your Revocable Living Trust. A Revocable Living Trust (also called an "inter vivos" trust), is a way to avoid probate. Rather than the transfer of your assets going through what can be a lengthy probate process, your assets are transferred seamlessly to your chosen beneficiaries, upon your death or upon your incapacitation. Our Living Trust package includes: the living trust; a pour over will; an advance healthcare directive; a living will; and a HIPAA Waiver.

For more information about Living Trusts, please click here.



Simple Wills

Last Will and Testament; 

Living Will;  Advanced Health Care Directive; and other

essential estate planning documents.


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